What is TribeToken?

TribeToken is an all new decentralized charity platform that uses cryptocurrency (tokens) and enables people to help other people in any place and at any time! TribeToken works as a charity platform where you can create your own charity and donate to other charities with little to no hassle and with minimal fees!


Want to know more about TribeToken? Read our White Paper!


Tribe One

For our first release, we are aiming to bring out the decentralized charity platform where you can donate to charity projects and create them on TribeToken.

Tribe Two

In our second release, we want to focus on mobile app usage off the platform. By creating a decentralized web application that enables you to use the platform on any device available with decentralization!

Tribe Three

In the third release, we want to activate the Tribe Economy. Our team will be heading to undeveloped countries to create a local economy by using TribeTokens and we keep updating the platform with new features.

ICO General Information

TribeTokens that will be created 200 000 000 TRIBE

15 000 000 TRIBE – Team
25 000 000 TRIBE – Tribe Economy
10 000 000 TRIBE – Bounties and partnerships
150 000 000 TRIBE – ICO remaining will be burned
Minimum goal 2500 ETH
Maximum goal 50 000 ETH
Token exchange rate 3000 TRIBE = 1 ETH.
Minimum transaction amount 300 TRIBE = 0.1 ETH

20% token bonus for the first week in the ICO.

Our Vision

With TribeToken we want to create a way for people to reach those that are in need of help, by creating a decentralized charity platform where people can create their own charity projects and that way people can donate with TribeToken.

More specifically the platform will provide a way for a charity projects to receive funds from people around the globe instantly, without incurring major transaction and conversion fees, that are part of the fiat currency system.

After our platform is live we want to focus on our project called Tribe Economy. That is creating a local economy in developing countries by using TribeTokens. We made 50 000 000 tokens, that are designed for Tribe Economy. We want to teach people on how to use digital currencies and how they could use them in their daily life.

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Our team

Lives in the Netherlands, is currently 27 years old, experienced in web concepts since 2011 and a Blockchain enthusiast.

Currently lives in Greece, is currently 26 years old, founder & CEO of Outerflow LLC, studied at Derby University on Computer Science, has been a designer and a developer for 10 years.

Lives in Lithuania, is currently 16 years old, an experienced Blockchain enthusiast, Ruby coder, C++ enthusiast.